2005: ITP Highlights and Comments

# Title Author(s) Link
1. Groundwater and Human Development: Challenges and Opportunities in Livelihoods and Environment (READ») Tushaar Shah PDF
(753 kb)
2. Water Poverty and Economic Development: Cross-country Analysis and Implications for Policy Reform (READ») Tushaar Shah PDF
(962 kb)
3. Virtual Water in Global Food and Water Policy Making: Is there a Need for Rethinking? (READ») M. Dinesh Kumar and O.P. Singh PDF
(340 kb)
4. Community Management of Groundwater Resources: An Appropriate Response to Groundwater Overdraft in India? (READ») Tushaar Shah PDF
(599 kb)
5. Economic Rationale, Subsidy and Cost Sharing in Watershed Projects: Imperatives for Institutions and Market Development (READ») Amita Shah PDF
(244 kb)
6. India Inc. 2050: Potential Deviations from 'Business-As-Usual' (READ») Shilp Verma and Sanjiv Phansalkar PDF
(378 kb)
7. The Spread and Extent of Irrigation Rental Market in India, 1976-77 to 1997-98: What Does the National Sample Survey Data Reveal? (READ») Aditi Mukherji PDF
(248 kb)
8. Which Water Counts? Blue and Green Water Use and Productivity in the Narmada Basin (READ») M. Dinesh Kumar and O.P. Singh PDF
(431 kb)
9. The Dynamics of Conflicts over Transboundary Waters: Analyzing the Indo- Bangladesh Case (READ») Rakesh Tiwary PDF
(275 kb)
10. Performance of Narmada-based Drinking Water Supply in Gujarat: Second Round Results from ITP-PRAVAH-CFDA Citizens' Monitoring System (READ») Indira Hirway and Subhrangsu Goswami PDF
(276 kb)
11. Impact of Water Prices and Volumetric Water Allocation on Water Productivity: Comparative Analysis of Well Owners, Water Buyers and Shareholders (READ») M. Dinesh Kumar PDF
(304 kb)
12. Groundwater Markets and Water Use Efficiency: The Case of Karnataka (READ») S.C. Deepak, M.G. Chandrakanth and N. Nagaraj PDF
(238 kb)
13. Economic Analysis of Groundwater Markets in Central Dry Zone of Karnataka (READ») N. Nagaraj, A.H. Suvarna Kumar and M.G. Chandrakanth PDF
(270 kb)
14. Irrigation Management Transfer: Kashmir in Contrast (READ») F.A. Shaheen PDF
(229 kb)
15. Local and Sub-basin Level Impact of Watershed Development Projects: Hydrological and Socio-economic Analysis for Two Sub-basins of Narmada (READ») Jayesh Talati, M. Dinesh Kumar and R. Ravindranath PDF
(485 kb)
16. India's Water Future: Responses to ITP's Delphi Questionnaire (READ») Nilkantha Rath PDF
(420 kb)
17. Small Water Harvesting: A Sustainable Way for Equity and Income Generation (READ») Hiren Tilala and R.L. Shiyani PDF
(313 kb)
18. Choosing 'not' to Participate: Evidence from Drought Prone Area Program (DPAP) in Chitradurga, Karnataka (READ») G. Anand Vadivelu PDF
(267 kb)
19. Changing Water Use Hydrology of Narmada River Basin: Implications for Basin Water Allocation (READ») O.P. Singh, M. Dinesh Kumar and Santanu Ghosh PDF
(423 kb)
20. Impact of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) on Rice Yields: Results of a New Sample Study in Purulia District, India (READ») Shekhar Kumar Sinha and Jayesh Talati PDF
(478 kb)
21. Cost of Energy for Irrigation and Agrarian Dynamism in Eastern Uttar Pradesh (READ») Avinash Kishore and Keshari Nandan Mishra PDF
(240 kb)
22. Assessing SRI as a Process: Evidence from India (READ») C. Shambu Prasad, Prajit K. Basu and Andrew Hall PDF
(244 kb)
23. Sharecropping, Migration and the New Face of Water Markets: A Case of Sangpura Village in North Gujarat (READ») Anjal Prakash PDF
(252 kb)
24. Water and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Rice under System of Rice Intensification (READ») S. Jothimani and T.M. Thiagrajan PDF
(349 kb)
25. Changes in Groundwater Ecology and its Implication for Surface Flows: Studies from Narmada River Basin, Madhya Pradesh, India (READ») M. Dinesh Kumar, Santanu Ghosh, O.P. Singh, Rahul Ranade and R. Ravindranath PDF
(615 kb)
26. Scaling Up Without Losing Quality and Impact: Lessons from Outstanding Watershed Programs in India (READ») Amrita Sharma, Archana Purohit, Kanhei Lal Dandsena and V. Madhu PDF
(319 kb)

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