2003: ITP Highlights and Comments

# Title Author(s) Link
1. Who Should Manage Chandeli Tanks? (READ») Tushaar Shah PDF
(1,411 kb)
2. Public Tubewell Transfer in Gujarat: Marketing Approach to IMT (READ») Aditi Mukherji and Avinash Kishore PDF
(1,078 kb)
3. Energy Pricing and Supply for Groundwater Demand Management: Lessons from Mexican Agriculture (READ») Christopher A. Scott, Tushaar Shah and Stephanie J. Buechler PDF
(1,410 kb)
4. Poverty, Gender, and Water Issues in Irrigated Agriculture and Irrigation Institutions: Mainstreaming Gender in Water Resources Management (READ») Bhawana Upadhyay PDF
(1,390 kb)
5. Micro Management of Groundwater in North Gujarat (READ») M. Dinesh Kumar PDF
(2,363 kb)
6. What Determines Pumping Behaviour of Tubewell Owners: Marginal Cost or Opportunity Cost? (READ») Avinash Kishore and Shilp Verma PDF
(798 kb)
7. Power Supply to Agriculture: Reassessing the Options (READ») Avinash Kishore, Abhishek Sharma and Christopher A. Scott PDF
(1,009 kb)
8. Agrarian Transformation Among Tribals: From Migrants to Farmer Irrigators (READ») Aditi Mukherji, Shilp Verma and Prabhat Rath PDF
(1,025 kb)
9. Groundwater Development and Agrarian Change in Eastern India (READ») Aditi Mukherji PDF
(2,954 kb)
10. Can Irrigation Eradicate Rural Poverty in Gujarat? (READ») Tushaar Shah and O.P. Singh PDF
(1,060 kb)
11. Understanding Underdevelopment in Vidarbha (READ») Sanjiv Phansalkar PDF
(659 kb)
12. Impact of Irrigation on Agricultural Growth and Poverty Alleviation: Macro Level Analyses in India (READ») Madhusudan Bhattarai and A. Narayanamoorthy PDF
(2,198 kb)
13. Groundwater Governance in South Asia: Governing a Colossal Anarchy (READ») Aditi Mukherji and Tushaar Shah PDF
(1,784 kb)
14. Community Intermediation in Rural Power Distribution (READ») D.N. Rao and S. Govindarajan PDF
(1,016 kb)
15. Private Initiative for Groundwater Recharge: Case of Dudhada Village in Saurashtra (READ») R. Sakthivadivel and R.K. Nagar PDF
(632 kb)
16. Alternative Irrigation Institutions in Canal-Command: The Case of the Chalakkudy River Diversion Scheme in Kerala (READ») Neetha N. PDF
(904 kb)
17. Framing the Rules of the Game: Preparing for the first irrigation season in The Sardar Sarovar Project (READ») Tushaar Shah PDF
(1,990 kb)

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