2002: ITP Draft Discussion Papers

# Title Author(s) Link
1. Does water harvesting help in water-scarce regions? A case study of two villages in Alwar, Rajasthan (READ») Abhishek Sharma PDF
(414 kb)
2. Socio-ecology of groundwater irrigation in India (READ») Aditi Deb Roy and Tushaar Shah PDF
(1,494 kb)
3. Wastewater and welfare: Pump irrigation economy of peri-urban Vadodara (READ») Vaibhav Bhamoriya PDF
(527 kb)
4. Irrigation for livelihoods improvement: Smallholder tribal irrigation in Jharkhand (READ») Manas K. Satpathy PDF
(779 kb)
5. Assessing the impact of power sector reforms in Orissa (READ») Haribandhu Panda PDF
(453 kb)
6. Innovations in conjunctive water management: Artificial recharge in Madhya Ganga Canal Project (READ») R. Sakthivadivel and A.S. Chawla PDF
(996 kb)
7. Techno-economic feasibility of groundwater over-exploitation in Tamil Nadu (READ») K. Palanisami PDF
(321 kb)
8. Groundwater development to enhance surface and rainwater utilization and agricultural productivity in southern Bihar (READ») Sita Ram Singh, Ujjwal Kumar, U.S. Gautam, S.K. Sinha and A. Rahman PDF
(472 kb)
9. Groundwater pollution through agricultural practices and agro-industries in India (READ») P.R. Bhatnagar and B.R. Sharma PDF
(414 kb)
10. Preliminary assessment of a traditional approach to rainwater harvesting and artificial recharging of groundwater in Alwar district, Rajasthan (READ») S. Badiger, R. Sakthivadivel, N. Aloysius and H. Sally PDF
(416 kb)
11. Over-exploitation and artificial recharging of hard-rock aquifers of south India: Issues and options (READ») P.N. Ballukraya and R. Sakthivadivel PDF
(1,755 kb)
12. Can pre-paid cards help management of farm power supply? Lessons for India from a South African experience (READ») D.D. Tewari and Tushaar Shah PDF
(xxx kb)
13. Impact of groundwater recharge activities in Saurashtra (READ») A.S. Patel PDF
(395 kb)
14. Decentralized water harvesting and groundwater recharge: Can these save Saurashtra and Kutch from desiccation (READ») Tushaar Shah PDF
(1,236 kb)
15. Integrated water management in the face of growing demand and threatened resource base in north Gujarat: Constraints and opportunities (READ») M. Dinesh KumarPDF
(596 kb)
16. The groundwater recharge movement in Gujarat: A quantitative idea of the groundwater recharge in Saurashtra and north Gujarat regions - What energized the popular movement? (READ») R.K. Nagar PDF
(432 kb)
17. Social impact of canal irrigation: A review of 30 years of research (READ») Avinash Kishore PDF
(313 kb)
18. Who should manage the tanks: Irrigation department, users' organization or private management agency? (READ») Manas Satpathy, Arvind Malik, Ujjal Ganguly and Ved Arya PDF
(373 kb)
19. Tank rejuvenation in Karnataka: Why it should be a community-based approach? (READ») K.V. Raju PDF
(840 kb)
20. Gender dimensions of water scarcity: Result of a study in "no-source" villages of four districts in Gujarat (READ») Jayshree Soni PDF
(271 kb)
21. Groundwater issues in eastern and western alluvium of Ganga basin (READ») Niranjan Pant PDF
(429 kb)
22. Creative destruction: Is that how Gujarat is adapting to groundwater depletion? (READ») Tushaar Shah and Rohit Desai PDF
(418 kb)
23. Wells and illfare: An overview of groundwater use and abuse in Tamil Nadu, south India (READ») S. Janakarajan PDF
(510 kb)
24. Rethinking rehabilitation: Socio-ecology of tanks and water harvesting in Rajasthan (READ») Tushaar Shah and K.V. Raju PDF
(624 kb)

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